Training Going Great

As the Virginia Beach tunnel competition nears, the training is on point. As a team we want to peak at the competition in order to perform our best. Ziggy, the dynamic four way team, trained last night. This team has had a rough go of it. Health issues have contributed to losing two of their original members. The original team consisted of Wade Baird, John Blackburn, Sara Curtis, and Lisa Mazzetta and have been flying together for awhile. They have been putting a lot of energy into their flying. I have had the pleasure of coaching them and watching their flying skills grow over the past couple years. When Wade needed some time to heal, the team asked me to fly with them temporarily. Then, during a training session, Lisa injured herself as well. Last night we were posting some very respectable times with our newest replacement, Andrew Prock. Andrew and I are also flying dynamic two way as Eloy Crew. In dynamic two way there is the addition of a free routine on top of the speed rounds. We were able to finalize the routine this week and are keen to smooth it out over the next week, wish us luck! If your interested in Dynamic and how it is scored you can find instructional videos and a link to the written rules HERE.

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