My Philosophy

I believe that it is important to help each other learn. When we are learning, we are growing. Growth can help us feel alive. When people have that feeling of being alive they can't help smiling and feeling happy.

My Story

As far back as I can remember I have always enjoyed the learning process. Learning new activities, about new cultures, seeing new places. I've also enjoyed teaching people what I've learned from these experiences.

In Depth

I am a full time skydiving/vertical wind tunnel coach and competitor. I call Eloy, Arizona home. The weather is great for skydiving nearly every day. Most of my time is teaching body flight techniques to individuals, teams, and various militaries in addition to training for upcoming competitions.

In my spare time I like to go mountain biking, camping, snowboarding, speed flying, and stand up paddle boarding as well as many other activities. Although I frequently read non-fiction, it is more common to see me with a novel.

With a passion for both the learning process and body flight, I am constantly growing as both a coach and a competitor. With this in mind I am currently focused on the burgeoning discipline of dynamic body flight. It continues to be a great time sharing my passion at various events, camps, and workshops. I run these through one of my two companies: The Movement (civilian coaching), and Aerialaim (military contracting).

As a competitor I have been successful in both the sky and the tunnel. In the sky I am a two time gold medalist at the USPA Nationals in the open class of Mixed Formation Skydiving, five time medalist in the open class of Vertical Formation Skydiving, as well as earning a silver medal in the open class of Artistic Freefly. My accomplishments in the tunnel include medals for both two and four way Vertical Formation Skydiving, as well as two and four way Dynamic.